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Anasazi Gold Organics proudly offers a full range of 75 million-year-old certified organic humates and humic-rich mineral supplements and products

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Our Humates are derived from cretaceous plant matter within ancient freshwater lake beds, making our products more bio-available and loaded

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The field of agriculture offers a wide range of rewarding career opportunities for individuals passionate about sustainable food production, environmental conservation, and rural development.

Better Agriculture for Better Future

With 30 years of experience in agriculture and eco farming, working with professionals, AGO is internationally dedicated to self-sustainability through the utilization of natural mineral substance “humate” for the benefit of the Earth, plants, and humans.

Dial in your garden or farm with a Custom soil fertility recommendation from our Agronomist Benjamin Franklin Grant. With professional support from Wallace Labs (wlabs.com), you will receive the best results from the least inputs. Add only what your crops need!

Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web Approach is the Essence of Soil Regeneration.

This 3-step approach can be used to restore soil biology within a few months in most cases.

Step 1

IDENTIFY which groups of microorganisms are lacking in the soil

Step 2

BOOST their numbers using Biocomplete™ Compost and Liquids

Step 3

ADOPT natural farming techniques to ensure biology survives

Become a Highly-Skilled Healer of the Ecosystems You Care About Most

Kickstart your agricultural career with Anasazi Gold Organics! As a Soil Food Web graduate, join us as a self-employed consultant and earn commissions selling our products, designed around Dr. Elaine Ingham’s soil health principles. Enjoy exclusive pricing benefits crafted just for you!

Anasazi Gold Organics Training

Eco Restoration Site will be Ware. We will be giving classes from the Soil Food web and also teaching the usage of Anasazi Gold Organics products.

Latest News & Articles

How To Make Humate Rich Compost - 101 for use in your soil tea.

There’s no “best” way to make compost. It depends on how quickly you want it, how much time and equipment you devote to it, adding humic acid and raw humates as a compost accelerator, works wonders! The care you give your compost also determines the quality of your compost soil.

Humic acid is not only a compost accelerator but when incorporated into your organic soil can dramatically increase yields. Because it stimulates soil microorganisms it helps plant roots receive water and nutrients.

Humic Acid Speeds Up Composting: Humic acid isn’t a fertilizer, it’s a biostimulant. It gives microorganisms the extra nutrients needed to rapidly decompose your pile. When you’re creating your compost pile think of humic acid as a compost accelerator because watering your pile with a dilute humic acid water stimulates microbial activity.


Volcano’s are designed to operate at peak efficiently with minimum maintenance and minimum operating cost.

30, 60, 75, 145, 250, 500, 850, 1010, 1500, 2610 Gallon Systems.

All Volcanoes utilize Cone Bottom Tanks for superior performance.

Volcanos have been extensively tested for Oxygen Levels, dissolved Solid Extractions and we constantly do Microscopic inspection of the final Tea Product .

We typical see the Oxygen Content of the Water increase to about 11.25 PPM within a 15 – 20 mins.

We have found no other methodology or technology that out performs the Volcano.

If you are looking for a brewer that is designed for long term commercial uses and demand consistent top level performance the VOLCANO Series is the one for you.

Volcanos ship via Truck to commercial Site or Local Truck Terminal.


Cyclones are perfect solution for the Retail Hydroponic and Nursery Store as well as the Serious Gardeners who demand the best.

Cyclone’s are designed to excel not only as a COMPOST TEA BREWER But are an excellent NUTRIENT BLENDER.

How does the Cyclone work?

Air is injected into the unit below the Tank into the 2″ diameter hydraulic unit. At that point the air bonds with and lifts the water vertically via the 2″ hose.

The water re-enters the Tank at the upper edge and begins it’s journey to the bottom of the Tank in a whirlpool or cyclone motion.

The water is moving at a rate of about 7 gallons minute. The 30 Gallon Cyclone will completely recirculate the water in less than 5 minutes.

At the same time, the brewing is occurring the Air Pump System is injecting over 5.29 CFM / 2375 Gallons of Air Per Hour (GPH) in the water. This injection raises the Oxygen Content of the Water over 400%. We typically see Oxygen Contents that exceed 8.3 to 11.5 parts per million (PPM). Microorganism likes to see about 6.25 PPM to start the reproductive cycle and need about 4.25 PPM to stay alive.

Because of the Round Cone Bottom Tank, the gentle movement of the water is beneficial to the microorganisms and especially to the fungal spores.

We Care About Our Agriculture Growth

Healing the Planet, Remediating the Soils, Providing Resources, Providing Knowledge Providing Sustainable Techniques, Supporting Urban Farming, Optimizing Health and Wellness, Indigenous Construction and Giving Back!

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