My name is Deborah Gallegos and I was first introduced to Humates through a friend that was selling the soil. I bought a bag and put it on
all of potted plants including an Orange Tree I have in a planter. They are growing like they have never grown before.
I love the product and will continue to use it in my garden.
Deborah Gallegos
Hayward, Ca

Deborah Gallegos/Hayward, Ca

I had an Orchid that was just a 6″ stem coming out of a pot, I asked Daniel what to do with it. He took a couple table spoons of the Ag Grade Humates and sprinkled it around the Orchid Stem. I saw Daniel about 3 months later and the Orchid had 21 flowers and was thriving, it grew to about 2 feet in those 3 months. Since then I have applied humates to all of my flower beds and fruit trees, My fruit trees are young and I feel sorry for the for the abundant fruit from such young trees. Also my flower beds are lush year after year with only one application of humates.

JJ Santa Fe


I was introduced to these products by the owner of the company and I gave it to my wolf/malamute that was diagnosed with cancer and given 4 to 6 months to live. It had spread to his lungs and liver. I was besides myself with grief and wanted to try anything that would extend my best friends life! So I used the Human Consumable Humic and Fulvic with his water, within a few weeks there was a considerable noticeable difference in his health and behavior. I had him almost another 2 years after starting him on this Amazing Product! Thank-You for that extra time!

Robert-Humboldt County California