Industrial Soil Reclamation

How does it work?

Depending on the reclamation project type; whether it be oil spills, fuel spills, petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in soil or water, we have the solution for you! Our technology has been used to clean up spilled crude oil, gasoline, diesel, MTBE and many other petrochemicals! Anasazi Gold (AGO) products are produced in the U.S.A with care by a team of experienced soil technicians and assistance from leading microbiology laboratories.

By applying our well known AGO 75 Million Year Old Organic , High Grade fresh water Humates or AGO Fulvic, and Humic Acids directly to the soil or water, and combining the microbes through an AGO aerobic tea machine that provides oxygen and nutrients, which makes a perfect environment to enhance the multiplication of the billions of specific healthy hydrocarbon digesting microbes. These microbes create enzymes which convert contaminants into water, carbon dioxide and other non-hazardous substances; such as fatty acids. These Specific microbes constantly work to break down hazardous waste and render it harmless. Microbes and fungi will also re attach themselves to the Humic molecule and re-energize themselves to reproduce and enhance their life!

AGO Uses 75 million year old Organics with biotechnology, Organic Chemistry and Engineering combined with technology that has been produced by mother-nature for billions of years, producing healthy aerobic bacteria’s and fungi essential for optimal organic plant life!


  • AGO products are developed to rebuild and maintain the Soil Web of Life: the dynamic, interdependent world of soil micro and macro organisms, minerals, and organic matter all interacting with water, air, earth, and the roots of the plants to form a delicate yet powerful biological structure.
  • Humates are non toxic and safe for the environment.
  • Humates are not only for plants but are also good for people and animals too, some scientists have called it the Miracle Molecule!
  • Programs We Offer

    Everybody has different needs, therefore here at Anasazi Gold Organics we offer several different programs that will enable you to customize our products to your individual needs. Application will depend on your particular soil so get it tested by clicking this LINK.


    From petroleum hydrocarbons to industrial pollutants to even nuclear radiation, Anasazi Gold has a solution. Its very simple and easy to get a custom detox program that will ensure the maximum efficiency in remediation on your problem property, safely.

  • Crop Amending Equipment

    From large scale crop farms to small family owned cannabis farms, Anasazi Gold has had years of experience in getting the job done. Anasazi Gold is dedicated to getting you what you need.


    If you’re looking for the ideal formulation to achieve maximum plant growth, Anasazi Gold Organics works with accomplished soil scientists and agronomists. Our team will procure samples of your existing soil through a soil test ad to cart on our website (Press here to order your soil tests ‘coming soon’) we will help you design some options for amending or remediation to match your budget and help formulate a blend of dry and or liquid amendments for your crops.

    Latent and toxic soil can also be amended through soil remediation. Easily order your soil test (Press here to order your soil tests ‘coming soon’) and have your soil samples sent to the lab that we work with. Once we receive your results we will help you design some options for amending or remediation project to match your budget.